Just when you think you've got it all figured out.../God is bigger than we think...

Sometimes it seems like the more you learn, the less you really understand.
I was just reading an interesting article on how "uniquely different" human beings really are from each other. This is breaking news in the science world today, published simultaneously in 3 different leading science journals and described as "ground-breaking" by many scientists. It turns out that just when the scientists thought they had figured out the humane genome (what they are calling the "book of life"-scary) they realized that they had only discovered the first page.

The reason I found this so fascinating is that just a few weeks ago we heard about all of the scientists debating whether Pluto was really a planet (and breaking most grade-school kids hearts by declaring that their favorite planet was now a "dwarf"). The next Sunday Taya and I were in church singing a worship song by Chris Tomlin called "Indescribable" and we were really struck by the words "You placed the stars in the sky and you know them by name..."

Scientists believe that there are over 125 BILLION galaxies out there, and yet those same scientists struggle to define what is and what isn't a planet in our own solar system. I like the way Eugene Peterson describes Proverbs 25:2 in the Message: "God delights in concealing things; scientists delight in discovering things." I think science is helping me praise God even more. The more they discover, the greater I realize God is. It's impossible for us to even fathom the size of God or the greatness of God, and yet He has given us a glimpse of his power in the beauty of creation all around us and the uniqueness of the people we live with (some seem to be more unique than others). In the same way, God has given us a glimpse of the greatness of His love by offering us hope and forgiveness even when we didn't deserve it, even when we weren't asking for it. Now the question we're asking ourselves today is: "Do other people get a glimpse of that love when they see our lives?"

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Dave/Deb Mom/Dad Nana/Papa said...

This posting from you took our breath away. God is so magnificent...indescribable.

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