Take a spin with Isaiah...

Most people aren't going to get too excited about a little boy getting his extra energy out before bed, but for Nana & Papa and Grandpa & Grandma this stuff is golden. Isaiah is just such a joy to us. When Ross gets home from work we play non-stop until bedtime (usually around 7:00pm), and then after he's in bed we spend the rest of the evening talking about how much fun we had with him. He's still the only morning person in our family- we always wake up to the sound of giggling and singing coming from his bedroom- about a half hour earlier than we were planning on waking up, but we don't mind.


Anonymous said...

that was too funny! loved hearing your voices in the background, too! miss you bunches! - tam

Dave/Deb Mom/Dad Nana/Papa said...

This was so adorable....we loved it and watched it over and over again....then we showed anyone who came to visit.
We miss you so much...and love you to the moon and stars!

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