Christmas Morning...

Psalm 30:5 "...Joy comes in the morning..." and the greatest Joy came on Christmas Morning.

Isaiah woke up early this morning (which means we woke up early too) and as we tiptoed around the house making breakfast and getting ready for church, Taya and I paused for a moment and noticed the most spectacular sunrise peeking over Mount Baker and the Three Sisters.

It's been a while since we've seen a good sunrise or sunset; Arkansas is so hilly and loaded with trees that you can never seem to get to a clear view of the horizon. So something that has happened morning after morning for all the years that we lived here in Lynden now captures our attention a little more. I hopped in the truck with camera in hand and rushed to the Hannegan Road to try to get a clear view of this majestic sight. By the time I got there it was already starting to fade away, but I was happy to get a picture to at least remind me of the real thing.

I guess in some ways that's the way Christmas morning should be for us... many Christmas mornings have gone by since that very first one, but this morning was a good reminder to me to take the time to stop and be amazed by it and then rush to catch a glimpse of the splendor of Christmas morning.


T182 said...

That is a beautiful sunrise. Maybe I should get out of bed earlier.

Anonymous said...

Just spectacular...and what a reminder of God's incredible glory...

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