Jingle Ball...

There are short-cuts to happiness, & dancing is one of them. ~Vicki Baum

Last night we went to the FamilyLife Christmas party- ballroom dancing! What a fun time to get to know each other and learn a few "basic" steps. We had a great instructor who did a great job of demonstrating the guys steps and made us all giggle when he mimicked the girls steps. In the end we learned the basics of an East Coast Swing Dance, a Rumba, the Texas Two-step, and a line dance. It seemed like we were really starting to get the hang of the Rumba, although my personal favorite was dancing the Two-Step to a George Strait Christmas tune.
It was a really fun Christmas party and it gave us a great chance to meet some people that we've been working with, but really had never had the chance to visit with. There was something about getting us all on the dance floor, stubbing each others toes and bumping into each other, that really broke the ice.

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