And the rains came down...

This is what it looks like when it rains in Arkansas! Growing up as a kid in Prince George, BC, I remember getting all excited when the snow got up to our knees...but what should I do when the water is up to my knees? We've been getting drenched for the last couple of days and pretty much all of Arkansas is on a flash-flood warning.

They say we've gotten about 6 inches of rain in the last two days and could get 2 more inches tonight. Yesterday's rains made for a pretty eventful morning. I got up early to head to church for a class on the book of Psalms. Part way through the class I called home to see how Taya and Isaiah were doing- I guess it's a good thing that I called because the water in the back yard was rising and rising and rising!

I left class early and rushed home to see what I should do. By the time I got home one of the local builders was in our backyard pounding on the next-door neighbors fence and trying to create a gap in the fence for the water to flow from our yard, through her yard, and into the drainage ditch. So I went out to help him and got completely soaked. Eventually the water started to flow and after a few hours it really wasn't a problem anymore.

"Don't knock the weather. If it didn't change once in a while, nine out of ten people couldn't start a conversation." ~Kin Hubbard


T182 said...

Man, you've got rain like we've got snow! The pictures bring new meaning to 'drain field'!

Anonymous said...

OH WOW!! That's a LOT of water just sitting there in your backyard. Glad it (eventually) drained away (though you had to gap the fence) and I hope you stay dry enough that we'll see you back here again later this year! :) - Tam

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