Lately, Taya has been trying to get caught up on her scrapbooking. She's gotten really motivated to capture the memories from Isaiah's first year as well as some of our trips and great moments with family. I think it's amazing how she can sort through a mountain of photos to find a few that really sum up the moment, and then add a little bit of journaling and a few artistic touches to make a family heirloom.

Now she has started to work on Isaiah's baby album, and one of her friends in Lynden asked her to put some of the pages on the blog when she finished them. She got a subscription to a scrapbooking magazine for Christmas which has given her lots of ideas and motivation to keep working on the albums.

Scrapbooking is a great hobby that she really enjoys, and lately she's been able to make good progress on it when I've been away on trips. We're all about making memories, and I think it's great that she is doing something to preserve them. Some of our best dates end up with us sitting at the kitchen table and looking at the scrapbooks from our first years of marriage or the trips we've been on.


Anonymous said...

The pages are stunning...just another expression of how much you love your family!!! What a timeless treasure, and I totally agree with Ross looking back on good memories is so much fun...especially when you've done such a beautiful job preserving them. Great pics too!! It's hard to believe how fast his first year went...I am so glad you did a great job of capturing it! Hugs and kisses, Aunty Cher

Mark and Kels said...

These are wonderful Taya! You are inspiring me to start working on Markus' albums! Thanks for posting these. We miss you guys- but look forward to seeing you in April as we are registered for the Bellevue conference (the 20th-22nd).

Anonymous said...

LOVE that you are SO MOTIVATED, Taya! I'm so PROUD of you for working hard to get so far. These pages are AWESOME... I LOVE how the photos are center stage and that you've used various sizes of photos. I only wish you were here so we could work on our books together! I think I have some catching up to do before my own little one comes along!! Love ya! - Tam

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