How 'bout them boots...

"nothing gets attention like a great pair of cowboy boots..." ~J. Jones

We've been really enjoying the 80-degree weather and the chance to wear shorts. The grass (and weeds) have been growing like crazy, the daffodils have come and gone, the birds are out, and spring is definitely in the air. Isaiah has been loving playing outside-if it was up to him, he would spend hours and hours spinning circles on the driveway and running on the grass.


Anonymous said...

LOVE those cowboy boots with the shorts! and i'm fully jealous of your warm weather AND sunshine (is it truly possible to have both at once)? love ya!! - tam

Les Hon said...

YeeeeHaaaawwww! Gotta love those cowboy boots! : )

Leslie & Randy

Anonymous said...

Wow, sweetheart...Those are pretty sharp cowboy boots!!! Where's your hat?
You are adorable our sweet little Isaiah.
We love you to the moon,
Nana and Papa

Mark and Kels said...

Love the shorts and boots combination. He looks like such a big boy!

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