A new kind of Workout...

Jaden came over to play with Isaiah the other day. They were born on the same day and they are the best of buds (and workout partners). Be on the lookout for their "abs of steel" series coming soon.


Mark and Kels said...

If only I could be as fascinated with the treadmill as they are... maybe I could finally lose those last couple baby pounds. They certainly do look like good buddies. How fun!

Anonymous said...

That's my kind of workout!! It's so funny that they find amusement in the strangest things (rarely their full toy box)...even funnier how much we enjoy watching them! We love you Isaiah...Aunty Cher and family

Anonymous said...

My kind of "work out"... especially the walking around aimlessly part =)
I love you my sweet little Isaiah.
Love Nana ( Papa appreciates work outs more than Nan )

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