Isaiah is Two...

We've got a lot to cover from our last few weeks - we had a Weekend to Remember, we went to Mexico, we had great time with family and friends...where do we begin? So we thought we'd start with yesterday and begin blogging in reverse until we get caught up or caught back or something like that.

First, Isaiah's birthday party here in Little Rock was a lot of fun. Our good friends, Tom and Robyn Scott, have a little girl Jadyn who shares a birthday with Isaiah. Since none of us have family around, we all went over to their house and celebrated together. It was a beautiful 90 degree afternoon and we had a great barbecue along with some homemade ice cream. A bagful of balloons kept the kids busy playing volleyball and making up all kinds of balloon races. Jadyn got a bubble machine for her birthday which was a lot of fun (the box says that it makes 10,000 bubbles per minute- I can't imagine how they were able to count 10,000 bubbles?)

Because Isaiah is a huge fan of circles, cheerios, wheels, and basically anything round, Taya made Isaiah had a circle birthday cake with little fruity circles all over it. He loved it! Actually, he loved the frosting - the cake was just something to hold all of that frosting. Our friends the Browns bought Isaiah a "dumpy" (dump truck) and we got him a car that we can push him up and down the street in...he was so excited and did not want to get out of it at the end of the night. It was a fun time, and after we got him home and bathed and put to bed Taya and I just stood and marveled at how God has blessed us with such a cool little boy.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Happy B-day I - WE MISSED YOU SO MUCH yesterday! We all checked late last nite to see if any pics were posted. Love the circle cake idea too. Can we see a pic with his new car? Looks like he got a bit of sun too. Hugs to all! ~ me

Anonymous said...

"Sheer Joy".... the look on his face...and the look on ours as we looked at the slides of our sweet little Isaiah!
Happy Birthday to the cutest and sweetest little boy in all of America!!!!
We love you to the moon and stars...Nana and Papa XXXOOO

Anonymous said...

OK, I was so ecited by the first few slides that totally missed the ones with the car!! Oooops :-)~ me

Mark and Kels said...

Too cute! Markus has that "dumpy"- he loves it. In fact, it is packed right now to take to California with us this weekend! It looks like he loves his car. What a fun present. I love the delight on his face as he is playing with the bubbles. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pictures.

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