Our Boy...

Our Boy….

* will turn 2 in 23 days
* is as tall as most 3 year olds
* wears 2 T clothes and size 8 shoes
* is a great sleeper – 12 hours at night and has an 1 ½- 2 hr. nap a day (the hard work paid off!)
* would drink milk and eat Cheerios all day if we would let him
* likes eating salad! (who knew it was an option at this age)
* is obsessed with “circos” (aka: circles)
* LOVES books and LOVES trucks
* favorite new words are: “peas” please, “beeber” (beaver), “copy” (coffee), “dumpy” Dump Truck, “comby” Combine, and “yoader” Loader
* asks for “Nah, Nah” at least 3-4 times a day (aka: the “Shout to the Lord Kids” praise cd)
* loves to dance, but the only form of dancing he knows is spinning circles


Anonymous said...

How Precious...How Precious...How Precious you are, our sweet little Isaiah =)
You bring smiles to Nana and Papa's faces =0) =0)
We love you to the moon and stars!

Mark and Kels said...

He is just too cute. I love that he loves salad. And so encouraging that he is a good sleeper :). We wish you were here celebrating our big day tomorrow with us! We love you guys!

Anonymous said...

YoU aRe PeRfeCt!!! The bestest boy around...not to mention the smartest and the cutest!! I love you Isaiah...Love Aunty Cher

Anonymous said...

great photo and wonderful list. make sure you refer back to this post and scrapbook it... PERFECT! thanks for being such a good boy, Isaiah! - Tam

Anonymous said...

Hi Isaiah,
I love your picture and can't wait to go on our trip together... I love you lots!

T182 said...

Those are the exact things I love! Except I'll turn 30.

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