Our time in Mexico...

Not much time to write, but we wanted to just post a few pictures from our time at the orphanage in Mexico...

The kids all LOVE Papa, they come running up to him and play with him. None of these kids have dad's, so it seems like they really enjoy spending time with my Dad and they missed him while he was away.

Here's one of the boys we met in a little run down camp about 30 minutes from the orphanage- lice in his hair, scabs on his face, cuts on his was heartbreaking.

Here is the front room/dining room of one of the homes in that same camp.

Taya and Isaiah passing out Protein bars to the kids in the camp.
Here's our group on the top of the hill overlooking the orphanage and the beautiful valley near the town of Uruapan.

Ross and Isaiah at a beach we stopped at on the way down the coast.
That's all for now, we will post more later...

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Anonymous said...

What a memory...what a blessing. I am so grateful for all that we have here. Going on a missions trip anywhere changes our attitudes about all that we are blessed with.
We so thankful we got to share this time with you and our grandchildren. We love you....
Mom and Dad

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