We're back...

We just got back in town after a couple of weeks on the west coast. Our trip could be described as a multi-tasker's dream trip- as we were based in 4 different cities, flew on seven different airplanes and drove three different vehicles, doing a combination of visiting the orphanage in Mexico, great family time, intense ministry, visiting with friends and ministry partners, celebrating Isaiah's birthday, wrapping up work from the trip Ross had just taken to Spokane and planning the next trip out to Pittsburgh, etc. Our flights home went extremely well and Isaiah did phenomenal. He was so excited to see "Ted" when he got home and today he's been enjoying having more space than a hotel room to run around in . We all slept great last night, and today was a good day to get unpacked and for Ross to get back in the office. God did amazing things on this trip and we're finding that it has just compelled us to start working on what's next. We feel so privileged to have the opportunity to serve in this way. Ross wrote in his journal this morning: "What an amazing thing to surrender your life to God, and then stand back and watch what happens." We'll be sure to post some more pictures and highlights of our trip over the weekend.

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