Hot, Hot, Hot...

It's heating up down here (mid-90's). On saturday the community pool near our house opened. We made plans to meet our friends the Brown's and the Scott's down there to be the first ones to sign up. Isaiah had woken up on Saturday morning in tears and he just didn't seem right all day. We played at the pool for a little while and he did surprisingly well (considering he's a pretty cautious guy). He had fun playing with Jayden and the other kids, and we're sure he'll get great use out of the little car Taya bought for him with one of his birthday gift cards.

However, after about an hour at the pool he just seemed sooo tired and not well, that we decided we should take him home. When we got him home he had a pretty high fever and was just wanting to snuggle. We gave him as much liquids as possible and prayed a lot. Yesterday was much of the same, he liked snuggling with Taya on the chair and watching the Donut Man dvd's. We were getting a little stir crazy, so we decided to go for a drive. We drove about an hour and a half south on all the back roads. Both of us had a great conversation, and Isaiah seemed to love looking at all the scenery and big trucks out the window. We even got to stop and rescue a little goat that had gotten stuck in the fence. It was good to get out of the house.

This morning, Isaiah woke up completely normal, full of energy and ready to play with his trucks. Today Isaiah is hoping to play in his "Rock Box", Taya will probably do a little scrapbooking, and Ross is hoping to finish one book, start another one, get caught up on some emails, and then tonight we're hoping to have a barbecue with friends (except they call it grillin' down here).


T182 said...

That's a pretty cool floaty car. Glad he's feeling better! Hope you guys had a fantastic memorial day! TL

Anonymous said...

The water looks refreshing....
I am sooo sorry that our sweet little Isaiah was not well, but Praise the Lord....Jesus healed him.
Love Nana and Papa

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