How Cute is This!

One of Isaiah's birthday gifts was this adorable album from his Auntie Traci (Likkel). Thought my fellow scrapbookers would enjoy taking a peek at a few pages...


Anonymous said...

It really is an adorable little book....what a keepsake for our sweet little Isaiah =)
Love Nana and Papa

Anonymous said...

cutest thing EVER! love this little book! thanks so much for SHARING it with us. can't wait to see more of your OWN creations, too, taya! i love all the vibrant colors in this - the fun ribbons and flowers. it's an ENERGY-GENERATING book (if that's possible)! - tam

Mark and Kels said...

What an adorable book! I'm sure Isaiah loves all the bright, happy colors and textures. The homemade gifts are always the best ones!

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