Rocks and Numbers...

One of the fun things for us lately has been Isaiah's growing vocabulary. We've noticed that he also seems so much happier now that he can communicate a little more. For a little while it felt like he was learning one new word a day, now its more like ten new words a day. It's so cute to hear all of the things that he repeats over and over again and the conversations he has with Ted and Beaver, his favorite stuffed animals. Whenever he sees them he says, "Hi Guys!" and then tells them what he's been up to.

Our new next door neighbors gave us a sandbox that they didn't use anymore so while Taya was at a scrapbooking overnighter last night, me and Isaiah went to Home Depot to be manly men and look at power tools, then we bought some gravel and played trucks in the rocks. Here's a clip:


T182 said...

He's getting so big! It's amazing to watch God grow him into a little person.

Anonymous said...

You are so cute our sweet little Isaiah....and SMART!!!
I wonder what it is about "four" that always caught his attention and made him stop...kind of like golf.
Love Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

I watch and listen to this everyday. Love it!
Love Papa

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