Gettin' Muggy...

Just like Eskimos can expect frostbite in winter, Arkansan's can expect mugginess in summer. Taya snapped this picture as I was leaving for work at 7:30am. You know you're in Arkansas when the outside of the window looks like this and there's not a raincloud in sight. FYI- some of the synonyms for "muggy" on include: clammy, damp, dank, moist, mucky, oppresive, soggy, sticky, stuffy... We just returned from a walk around the block and I'd say that describes it pretty well.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow...we hear about the humidity and think that we sometimes experience it here in Lynden...but I don't think we really do. Do you always feel like you need a shower or do you feel like you just got out of one?
We love the moon,
Mom and Dad

other account said...

Yup, we went for a walk yesterday and when we stepped out the front door we said "wow, it actually feels kind of cool!" (It was probably 90 degrees) But by the time we got back from the walk we were both feeling sweaty and sticky. There's such a stark difference between the dry air conditioning of the house and the wet heat of outside.

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