Just like Dad...

Ross had to leave for a quick trip to Philadelphia on Thursday afternoon, but he didn't start packing until about 2 hours before his flight left...good thing he had a little helper to make the job go faster (well, not really any faster but it was a lot more fun). Lately Isaiah has really been taking a notice of the things he sees "Daddin" do and he thinks it's pretty cool to take a walk in his shoes.

(Yes those are underwear that he's wearing as a necklace, and Yes they are clean)
"One night a father overheard his son pray: 'Dear God, Make me the kind of man my Daddy is.' Later that night, the Father prayed, 'Dear God, Make me the kind of man my son wants me to be.' " ~unknown


Anonymous said...

I may never be as clever as my neighbor down the street...may never be as wealthy as some others that I'll meet...may never have the fame that some other men may have...but I've got to be successful as my little boy's dad.
It's the one job that I dream of, the task I think of most..for if I fail my little boy I've nothing else to boast...for all the wealth and fame I'd have, my fortune would be sad...If I fail to be successful as my little boy's dad.
I may never have earth's glory...I may never gather gold...and men may not see "status" when my business life is told...But if my boy is GODLY then I know that I'll be glad...and I'll know I've been successful as my little boy's dad!

You are a good dad, son and we're proud of you!
Love Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

This was by far one of my favorites!!! Love the underwear around his neck...and love what a special relationship you two have. I always knew you would be such a great dad. Love, Cher

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