The Ministry-Mobile...

This was pretty cool. I (Ross) had a quick trip to Philadelphia to meet with the local volunteer team. The trip went great, but my flights to get into the city were just horrible: Two hours sitting on the runway in Little Rock waiting for a storm to pass, then after an hour long delay in Memphis, I boarded the plane and waited for another two hours at the gate because of a computer problem. After it was determined that the nearest replacement part was in Canada, I was told to get off the plane and wait for another plane that could take me. Finally, at 2:30 am, I landed in Philly. Now it was time to get the rental car. I had reserved the cheapest car at the cheapest rental agency, but when I got to the front of the line and handed over my drivers license, the girl at the counter said "How about that, we have the same birthday." I asked which one of the little Kia Rio's I would be driving, and the attendant just smiled and said "I have an early birthday present for you." I dragged my luggage out to the parking lot, found space #20, and saw before me a shiny red convertible Mustang (2007, and only 450 miles on it). What a treat! The car was great and reminded me a lot of my old '69 Mach 1. I did manage to test out the convertible top, but was unable to fully see what the "big engine" could do. I didn't think any cop would see "Urgent Ministry to Families in need" as a valid excuse for speeding down the turnpike.


Anonymous said...

How cool was that son!!!!
What a sweet blessing from the Lord after your hard trip.
He cares about it all, doesn't He?
Dad would have LOVED cruising around with you in that!
Love Mom xoxox

Anonymous said...

LOVE the photos of Isaiah with Ross' shoes (and with Ross) and I absolutely adore the quote at the end of that post.... gonna have to make note of that one somewhere for myself! As for Ross' journey to Philly - sorry it was such a rough ride GETTING there, but glad you got a special present to drive around for awhile! And good choice on the "slower speeds..." PA cops are NOT fond of speeders, ESP. on the turnpike (trust me, I know this very well)!!! :) - Tam

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