A one-hit wonder...

*editors note: This is about as corny as it gets for us. In the absence of time to write all of the great things we experienced at our All-Staff conference in Colorado we've scraped the bottom of the barrel of blog ideas and this is what we've come up with.

If you are a fan of country music, you've probably heard of every possible song inspiration- pickup trucks, dogs, beer-drinking, rodeo, rednecks, farming, county fairs, etc. But I bet you've never heard a country song about a pillow...until now. I got the inspiration for this song after a very disheartening phone call we received while driving from Amarrillo, Texas to Fort Collins, Colorado. I believe we were driving past a large ranch somewhere in New Mexico, listening to a Keith Urban cd, and lamenting over the pillow that we had left behind.

So here goes my first and probably last attempt at songwriting (oh man, I can't believe I'm actually putting this on the internet):
Verse 1:
I was goin' on a journey
but, oh' my heart was yearnin'
for a good, long night filled with sleep (wouldn't it be sweet)

Cruised through the plains of Oklahoma
Headin' north-east for Colorado
With a brief stop in the Lone-Star state

Now the Rockies are in sight
We're pulling in for the night
But there will be no shut-eye for me...

Cuz' I left my pillow
In Amarillo
That fluffy cotton
Has been forgotten

And no one could know
My pain and sorrow
Cuz' I left my pillow
In Amarillo

Verse 2:
Oh, I quickly realized
And with tears in my eyes
I picked up the phone, and made the call

"Head housekeeper please",
I'm down on my knees
"Tell me, have you got good news for me?"

Cuz' I left my pillow
In Amarillo
That down and feather
Now just a mem-o-ry

And no one could know
My pain and sorrow
Cuz' I left my pillow
In Amarillo

It's not just the pillow, but it's the soft red pillowcase too...
Sure there are others, but for me just one will do.

Verse 3:
Yes our conference is over
Put the pedal to the floor
Got to get to that dusty, Texas town

Now I'm waiting at the counter
Oh my heart is poundin'
Hoping that what was lost has now been found

And I found my pillow
In Amarillo!
That fluffy cotton
Back in my arms again

And no one could ever know
My joy and gladness
Cuz' I found my pillow
In Amarillo (at the Holiday Inn Express)
That last line gave me fits, but I didn't have time to think of anything else. Also, I should set the record straight by saying that the pillow is still not in our arms. They do have it at the hotel but the room it was being stored in was locked and they said they would have to mail it. I still can't believe I'm putting this online against my better judgement, but I'm sure that I can post a few pictures of Isaiah tomorrow and this song will be long forgotten.


Les Hon said...

Don't be so ashamed! People have made money off cornier stuff than that! It sounds kind of catchy..."I left my pillow in Amarillo..." Definitely better than leaving your heart in San Francisco!

Anonymous said...

i think your "attempt" at a song is pretty darn good - far better than i could do! so glad they FOUND your pillow, though, and that they're willing to send it to you! oops.... baby davey is hungry.... love you guys! -tam

Anonymous said...

That was "inspiring" =)
I laughed and laughed...a merry heart is good like medicine.
Have you heard the one...
" I've got tears in my ears from laying sideways on my pillow and cryin' all night over you "?
We have kind of a theme going here don't we?
I love you so much...thanks for the chuckle.
Love forever,

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