Almost Home...

We’re off to the Northwest for a couple of weeks to attend Brandon’s (Taya’s brother) wedding in Trout Lake (near Portland), give an update at our home church in Lynden and another supporting church in Canada, visit lots of family in Washington and B.C., reminisce at Ross' high-school reunion, and hopefully meet a new niece or nephew (Ross’ sister is due during our trip).

Isaiah loves to fly so he’s really been looking forward to this trip. Plus, he's got his own frequent flier card now and I think he's saving his airmiles up for a trip to England or Israel. Traveling with kids is definitely more of a challenge than flying solo, but it’s so much more fun. We got delayed in Dallas for a couple of extra hours and he was just thrilled about it- it gave us extra time to ride every escalator, chase the people-transporters, and drive trucks on the window sill. Judging by the smile on his face you would have thought we had taken him to Disneyland.


Anonymous said...

i am EAGERLY looking forward to our play date on thursday! and i know i'm going to be amazed by how much isaiah has grown since you guys moved! - tam

Anonymous said...

This time with you has been amazing...we never quite get used to the idea that you are not right here in Lynden.
But, you are always close to our hearts..."nothing" can ever separate us. We love you so the moon and stars.
Mom and Dad

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