Mr. JD...

For his first birthday, without anyone collaborating on it at all, Isaiah got nothing but John Deere toys, tractors and outfits. Some of the gifts were instant favorites and some of them have taken a little longer to be "kid-tested, Isaiah-approved". One of his new favorites is this little John Deere ATV from his grandpa and grandma. Here's a sample of Isaiah playing and it will give you a feel for what taya listens to all day. She'll often call me at work just so I can hear what he's up to...he's so much fun.


Anonymous said...

Now, that was absolutely toooooo cute!!!!
He is so adorable.
YOU ARE BIG AND STRONG...our sweet little Isaiah.
Love Nana and Papa XXXOOO

Anonymous said...

Everyday you seem so much bigger and so much much cuter and so much smarter!!! OOOOOHHHHHH how much I love you!!!!! Love, Aunty Cher xoxoxox

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