Too hot to blog...

So far we've had quite a few days at the 100 degree mark (with nightime lows of 80), and it looks like we should expect many more to come. Ross heard a forecast calling for a high of 110 next Tuesday. That's why it was perfect timing for FamilyLife's staff outing to Wild River country. FamilyLife is really great about planning times for all of the staff to get together for fun and encouragement. We spent most of the afternoon at the kiddie pool, Ross got to play some beach volleyball, and then we enjoyed some of our favorite barbeque- Corky's. Their was a fun bingo game to wrap up the night but we were all too tired to stick around. We hopped in the van at 7:30 and checked the temperature...It had cooled off to a balmy 99 degrees. Between the three of us, Isaiah was the only one who volunteered to get his picture taken in a swimsuit, so here are a few fun pictures.

Isaiah's pretty cautious, so he loved staying at the 2-inch depth around the outside of the pool, but he also thought the waterfalls were pretty fun so he definitely got braver as the day went on.

The four seasons in Arkansas: Almost summer, Summer, Still summer, and Christmas
Yes, Hot water does come out of both taps; Yes, we do find ourselves saying "It's not the heat, it's the humidity..."; and Yes, Ross does break into a sweat the instant he steps out of the house at 7:30am.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that looks so are such a brave boy in the water, our sweet little Isaiah!
Nana and Papa have been watching your weather and are so glad that you got a chance to "cool down"...
We love you to the moon and stars,
Nana and Papa

Anonymous said...

i remember the days of humidity... and i don't miss them at all. i used to have to go swimming before bed just to cool off (my mom didn't - and still doesn't - have air conditioning) and sometimes i'd have to do that when i woke up, too, 'cuz like you said... you often need a shower the moment you step out of the shower (or house)! hang in there and dream of the cool breezes of washington state in september.... you'll be here before you know it! - tam

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