Passing Through...

It was so much fun to have some friends from Lynden, Tyler & Alyssa Sultze along with Tom Sultze, staying at our house on Monday night. Their little boy Christian is a real sweetie and Isaiah thought it was so much fun to have company over. It really touched our hearts to see him sharing his toys so willingly (much better than usual)...and it was cute because he actually thought that Alyssa was Christian, so whenever we would say "go show Christian your tractor" he would run over to Alyssa and just stare at her and invite her to play with him. It was also fun for us to be one of the stops on the Sultze family's new adventure. They left a perfectly good job and a great church in San Antonio to go to seminary in Louisville with the goal of being a pastor. In Tyler's own words "It doesn't make any sense." It was encouraging for us to see a young family following God's call even when they don't know all of the details.

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Anonymous said...

Always good to catch up with dear friends, isn't it?
And so exciting to see other young couples following their dreams and passion for Christ. Praise the Lord!
We love you to the moon and stars, forever, Mom and Dad

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