We just returned to Little Rock after 3 weeks in the Northwest...and Ross has back-to-back conferences in Pittsburgh starting this weekend. So we're home just long enough to do the laundry, get repacked, and start blogging again. Our trip gave us a great opportunity to see family and supporters, speak at a couple of churches, and even attend Ross' 10-year high school reunion (some of you are thinking "I didn't realize he was so young", while others were thinking "I didn't realize he was so old"), but it all started with Brandon & Greta's wedding in Trout Lake, WA via Hood River, OR.

Cross-country flights, 14 hour round-trip drive, 4 trips across a toll-bridge, 3 frantic last-minute rush-shipping online-orders to find the right shirt, 1 speeding ticket...90,000 airmiles and a few hundred dollars.
The chance to see your little boy steal the show in a bow tie...priceless


Anonymous said...

And PRICELESS you are...our sweet little Isaiah. How handsome are you???
We love you to the moon.
Love Nana and Papa XXXOOO

T182 said...

Dude, where'd you get the speeding ticket?

Anonymous said...

Re-reading this....a speeding ticket????? Haven't I talked to you about the "danger" in speeding, son ? =) =) =)
I love the moon!

T182 said...

lol.... busted by your mom 2500 miles away!

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