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We had the privilege of hosting the "Weekend to Remember" at the beautiful Coeur d'Alene Resort in Idaho. It's always a treat to get back to the northwest, feel the crisp cool air, see the brilliantly colored leaves falling everywhere, and especially see our family. It was such a treat to meet our newest niece Demi Chennelle, who is just a little princess, and it's always excellent to see our parents and other family members. We had been through some tough times leading up to the conference and it was just nice to see friendly faces, restock on hugs, and go for a few walks along the lake together.

The conference was excellent! In the days leading up to this conference we were asking God to fill the ballroom with some of the most hopeless situations. We were overwhelmed with the number of prayer requests that came in from couples who were struggling and hurting, but God turned the messes into masterpieces right in front of our eyes.

15 people indicated that they received Christ, 205 prayed to be filled and led by the Holy Spirit and 203 recommitted their lives and families back to God.

Here are a few encouraging comments that came out of that event-

“We were on a path to divorce. We fought all the time. But now I’m sure that we can make it all the way. I will treat my wife a lot differently. Thank You!”
~Truck Driver, married 1 year

“It was exactly what we needed to help us at a critical moment in our marriage. My infidelity nearly ended our marriage, but due to the grace of God and the grace of my wife, the conference gave us the tools to work through the struggles that we had been facing. Thank you so much.”
~Sales Rep, married 20 years

“We were headed for the big “D” word. But now we’ve learned how to resolve conflict. We’re praying about hosting a Homebuilder’s group to keep us accountable and to keep our marriage refreshed and going strong.”
~Homemaker, married 5 years

“We were close to divorce but now my wife and I have rekindled our love for one another and we have the tools to stay together for the rest of our lives. Thank You!”
~Delivery Truck Driver, married 5 years (his boss paid for them to go-what an
investment, what a pay-off

“Profoundly impacting beyond words. Nine years of heading in the wrong direction ended today, and my wife and I have experienced a dramatic, Holy Spirit healing in our marriage. Thanks.”
~Music Pastor, married 20 years


Anonymous said...

so awesome that God gave you the opportunity to serve Him and to be filled up with love and hugs from your families. so thankful for that much-needed visit for you guys! love you bunches and am praying for you! - tam

Anonymous said...

It was overwhelming to be with you in Idaho a few weeks ago....we have thought about and talked about each moment together over and over again....We needed all those hugs and kisses too! Thanks for showing us so much love in the midst of such a tough time for you. You kids never cease to amaze us and we are so proud of you. We love you to the moon and stars...forever
Love Mom and Dad (Black)

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