About our Boy...

Isaiah at 2 ½ is:
3ft. 5in. tall, weighs 34 lbs. and has a size 9 shoe.

He Likes:
anything with wheels- trucks, tractors, suitcases...;
driving through tunnels & over bridges;
books, books & more books!
singing (he seems to always have a song on his heart). When we put him in the seat of a shopping cart it's as if we have handed the kid a microphone. The other day at Walmart one of the restockers told him he should be singing for the church choir (after hearing him belt out "God is so Good" over & over again). He's the singing evangelist in our family;
being organized & having things put away in the right place;
figuring out how things work;
playing with his "guys" (Beaver, Ted, Monkey & Ducky);
going for "runs"- the kid doesn't walk anywhere, whether it's coming for lunch or heading for nap-time it's always at a full-speed run;
wrestling with Daddy- he made up the name "hagglebagels" for that;
making people laugh;
sleeping with his blanket over his head (it scares us but soothes him);
airports & flying on airplanes (he just can't get enough of air travel-what a blessing!);
riding elevators, escalators & climbing stairs;
high 5's and "cut the pickle" (being tickled);

He's not too thrilled about:
loud noises, especially automatic flushing toilets (they have a mind of their own);
haircuts (he would look like a hippie if he had it his way);
anything dirty, particularly his hands. Has just started asking "Is it clean?" (looks like mommy has slightly influenced this child =));
playground slides;
"toe jam" (when discovered his response is "Oh no! Mommy get it please!!!)
"ready, ready under" (putting his head underwater) this probably ties with haircuts as the worst things Isaiah faces
He talks a big game about each of these things, but when it comes down to it, he scares pretty easily.

Favorite Songs: "God is So Good", "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", " the ABC Song", & "Joyful, Joyful". He's always got a song in his heart and we hear his sweet little voice from the moment he wakes until long after we put him to bed at night.

Favorite Toys: "Beeber & Ted" (his stuffed Beaver & Teddy Bear), Thomas the Train, a Motorhome from Grandpa & Grandma, a Caterpillar Loader from Papa & Nana and his Matchbox Fire Truck with Ladder.

Favorite Food: It's hard to narrow down but a few of would be "Fur-sawn-yah" (lasagna), Pizza, Bananas, Apples, Oranges & Cheerios (what kid doesn't love cheerios?)

Favorite Books: "Lets Share" & "Lets Play as a Team" by P.K. Hallinan & anything about Noah's Ark.

Words to Describe Him: he's definitely a "warm up kid" and you can't rush him into anything (especially when something is unfamiliar), he's cautious, imaginative, cheerful, kind, fun, organized (takes after his mommy), loves family-time, sensitive, observant

A Few Cute Things He's Said Recently:
"I got the pick-ups!" (hiccups)
"Swimming Cool" (instead of pool, no matter how many times we correct him, it always come out this way)
"Kiss my burp please!"
"Fur-sawn-yah" (lasagna)
"Dear Jesus. Thank you for this food. Thank you for ME. Amen!"


P.K. Hallinan said...

Thank you for liking my books. I'm flattered.
Merry Christmas!
P.K. Hallinan

Anonymous said...

I always long to see a picture of our sweet little Isaiah....his smiles melt our hearts. His voice is like music to us. His hugs and kisses change any day into a great day! You are a precious gift, Isaiah....God is so good!
We love you to the moon and stars,
Nana and Papa

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