Guys singing girls songs...

Sure, we all know and love Carrie Underwood's hit song "Jesus take the wheel". It's a great song with a great message. Even I (ross) love the song. But I won't sing along with it.

As a guy, there's just something un-manly about a song sung by a girl about a girl. The same thing goes for Shania Twain's "Man, I feel like a woman". Yes, it's catchy but it should never ever ever be sung by a man- it's just not right.

Anyways, a guy named Tim Hawkins has done the rest of us a favor by taking Carrie Underwood's well-known song and added a little testosterone. So now if I'm ever caught humming the tune and my manhood is questioned I can just rattle off a few lines of the new lyrics, flex my muscles, and know that my manliness is completely intact (and growing a little more each day). Thanks Mr. Hawkins; you're a great American. Enjoy the clip...


Anonymous said...

Hysterical!!!! Did we ever laugh.
Love you forever.

ErinL said...

Did you know that Tim and his wife Heather are friends and supporters of ours? We have a DVD that you can borrow if you would like. We saw him live before we moved to Little Rock and I have never laughed so hard! He is great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this great video!! You rock!

Anonymous said...

hey ross and taya!!! go to godtube and type in tim hawkins and theres more really funny vids of him!!!! LOL
love your sis

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