Isaiah at 3...

Height: 3ft. 5 ½ in.
Weight: 39 lbs.
Clothes Size: 4T
Shoe Size: 10

He Loves: music, singing (seems to always have a song on his heart) and family sing-a-longs, baths, rhyming words, making people laugh, blue M&Ms, airports & airplane rides, Thomas the Train, playing with "The Guys" (who consist of "Beeber", Ted, Ducky & Monkey), workouts with Dad, being our little helper and doing "special projects" around the house, reading books & being read to, anything with wheels, snuggling, big hugs & kisses, orange Gatorade, puzzles, "family couch time," having his ears rubbed

His Favorite...
Color: Blue (same as dad)
Food: "fur-sawn-yah" (lasagna), meatballs, string cheese, oranges, crackers, cheerios (still loves them and eats them every morning!), and of course, Ice Cream from Chick-fil-A (just like dad)
God is so Good and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Books: His children's Bible and anything about trucks, cars & trains
DVDs: If I Were a Digger and "Zoo Train" (a Little People claymation video of "Discovering Animals")

Funny Quirks: he likes to put himself to sleep by wrapping his blanket completely over his head, he likes to play in the dirt, but he doesn't like dirty hands or face (asks "can you clean it please?" even with just a few crumbs), eats realllllllly slow (after we've finished eating and cleaned up the dishes we often have to tell him that it's not talking or singing time, it's eating time), doesn't like his food mixed together (shepherds pie is not his favorite dinner), takes apart his sandwich and eats each food individually (bread, cheese, meat, tomatoes, lettuce), he loves to climb but he's still super scared of going down slides, stands & runs on his tiptoes.

He's got a pretty impressive vocabulary and he has a strong desire to know what letter goes with what words. He daily asks "Mommy, what starts with the letter ....?" and then he runs around rhyming some of the words over and over and over again: "that's the biggest green bean i ever seen!"

Character Traits: Isaiah has started to become very affectionate. He will come to us at random times and give us big bear hugs ("squishy hugs") & kisses and tell us that he loves us "very very much" (talk about melt your heart). Loves to hold our hands, snuggle and play with Mommy's hair.

He is sensitive and tenderhearted. It upsets him and he feels concern when other kids are crying, fussing or misbehaving.

Isaiah has a thankful heart. He will randomly come to us throughout the day and say, "Thank you for…." It is the sweetest thing and you can tell he really means it. Whoever said kids under five cannot feel gratitude is wrong.

We can't believe God has let us spend the last 3 years with this wonderful little boy. He is an absolute gift to us and we treasure every moment with him.

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Mark and Kels said...

Happy Birthday Isaiah! You are a very special boy and even though we live far away we love you!

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