Another excuse for not mowing the lawn...

Apparently this 3 foot long snake prefers the long grass in our back yard to short grass anywhere else. I'm sure he's harmless, because rather than attacking me he simple slithered away right past my left foot. I looked online for what to do and found this piece of really helpful advice: "The best way to tell if the snake is dangerougous is to get a good look at the shape of it's eyes..." Wow. Super advice. Thanks but no thanks. Needless to say, it gave me a HUGE boost of adrenaline that could have been applied to lawnmowing, but not much motivation to do anything other than hang out indoors.


Anonymous said...

Eww I dont think I will Be spending alot of time in your backyard. I Love you Uncle,Aunty,Isaiah,And Baby.
Love, Brielle

Anonymous said...


You're so Canadian. Welcome to the snake-infested South. If you'd like my eight-year-old daughter to come pick up your snake for you, let me know. She loves animals.

By the way, it's just a garter snake. They eat the insects in your yard. They hang around when you don't mow your yard enough. The long grass encourages more bugs (especially mosquitoes), which the garter snake loves.

Last year, we had a Copperhead (that's a poisonous one) in the monkey grass just outside our front door. After we took the two-edged sword to it to divide its soul from it's body, I knew I needed to cut back the monkey grass. Just this weekend, I noticed the monkey grass getting too high again, so I cut it back down, and what do you know, out pops a garter snake. I tried to catch it, but it got away.

Just to let you know, garter snakes are (relatively) harmless, but they can be feisty when cornered.

Happy mowing!


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