Swimming Cool...

We wish you were here! The water is great, the weather is in the 90's, and the pool is just down the road from our house. These are the days when it's great to live in warm and sunny Arkansas, we just wish you could come for a swim with Isaiah. He's getting much braver and we think that of all the places to have an "overly-cautious" little boy, the swimming pool is probably it. By the way, no matter how many times we correct him, Isaiah still believes it's called a "cool" not a pool. As the weather gets hotter over the next few months you'll likely see a lot of family pictures from our little family oasis, the "swimming cool".


Anonymous said...

Papa and Nana wish we were in your "swimming cool" with you Isaiah...we wish it would get above 60 degrees here so that we could stop using the fireplace!!!!!
Can't wait to see you =)XXXOOO

Megan said...

It's hard to believe that it's actually summer somewhere in the U.S.! Glad you have a pool nearby, especially for Taya being pregnant through the summer. Too bad that someday Isaiah will have to learn the hard truth that it's actually a swimming "pool"...I like his version better. :) I sense that this might become part of the Black family vocabulary, though. :)

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