Breakfast Conversations...

Apparently Isaiah has a more "refined" palate than the rest of us.
Taya: "Isaiah, how is your breakfast? Is it very good?"
Isaiah: "Um, you know Mommy, it's actually just a little bit good."

A few minutes later Ross walked into the kitchen and asked Isaiah how he was doing...
"Well Daddy, I don't think elephants or giraffes eat bananas and that makes me very, very sad..."

I guess we need to add food critic and wildlife activist to Isaiah's growing list of skills and abilities. Recently his vivid imagination has made for some interesting talk around the breakfast table. It's conversations like these that have a way of keeping a smile on your face all day long, but there was one more thing that he said the other day that just melted Ross' heart...

Ross: "Isaiah, what would you like to do today?"
Isaiah: "Just be with you, Daddy."


Emily said...

I love those sweet moments when they grab your heart and squeeze it. I love the funny things they say and do. Thanks for sharing Isaiah's moments with us. They're priceless.

Cindy said...

Miss you all so badly it hurts!

~ me

Anonymous said...

How precious, how precious is he???
He is a very bright little boy with a lot of deep thoughts.
Just seeing his smile and reading those comments melts our hearts.
I'm with Cindy....we miss you so bad it hurts!

Megan said...

I'm so glad when our friends and families with young kids tell stories that bring back memories of our own kids...many of them long forgotten. My boys would also use the phrase "a little bit good". Good memories! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

We re-watch and re-read your blog almost daily...tonight I thought it was sweet when dad was reading what Isaiah said to you...afterward he said "I just want to be with you son!"
It really touched my heart.

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