A couple of days ago we had the incredible opportunity to watch a special early showing of this incredible movie and visit with the producers (the Kendrick Brothers are the guys who did "Facing the Giants"). It was so fun to get an insiders look at the creation of the movie and the excitement at how God may use it. It's an excellent movie with an incredible story and an even more exceptional presentation of the gospel.

We enjoy movies and we have seen a lot of great movies and probably our fair share of not-so-great ones ("Speed 2" and "Because I said So" come to mind), but this one goes near the top of our favorites list. We really can't say enough good things about this movie and that's why we're so thrilled that FamilyLife has partnered up with the producers to take what would ordinarily just be a 2-hour movie and turn it into a "movement" that will see results and life-change long after the opening night.

Our suggestion is to watch the trailer here...

Then circle September 26 on your calendar as a "date-night" to go out (you could even take another couple on a fun double-date) and see/support this excellent movie. Click here to find a theater near you...

Then visit for excellent tips on improving your relationships and finding out how you can pass the message of the movie along to others. One of our favorite things about being a part of FamilyLife is the opportunity we have to partner with creative and passionate people who want to share help, hope, and God's love with others. This is a great opportunity and you can partner in it as well!


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah!!!! We are excited about our "date night" to see this movie!
Anyone want to go with us????

Anonymous said...

I saw this movie..and it is HEARTWARMING! You will LOVE this movie. I recommend it to all couples who are thinking of getting married and those who are married! It will impact your relationship in a WONDERFUL way!
God Bless!!

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