Out and About, vol. 2...

I had so much fun taking random pictures with my phone for this post that I've been snapping away ever since. A wise man once said "You can observe a lot, just by looking around" (Yogi Berra). Here are a couple of pictures and quotes that I've observated with my picture-taking device over the last few days.

I would find this mug encouraging if it's the first cup of coffee in the morning, but it would be discouraging if you are polishing off the last cup of the day while reviewing your task-list that only got bigger as the day went on (I won't say which one I was):

Here is a common and confusing sight in Little Rock- Young Life, Christian School, Jesus Fish, and Obama '08... which one holds their allegiance?

A four-inch bug that looks like a leaf, or possibly a four-inch leaf that looks like a bug:

Some nice looking produce, not really sure what compelled me to take this shot, other than maybe feeling like I hadn't been getting enough vegetables lately:

A fern:

A challenging thought in the midst of a busy day:

A tranquil view:

One bonus to the heat and humidity of Arkansas; tropical flowers:

Love advice from the back of the cereal box, I'll take it wherever I can find it:


T182 said...

That's not the back of your van, right? =)

Anonymous said...

Those were great son...loved the advice from the cereal box...think I'll get some =)

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