A true Berean; by way of Hamas...

The following is an incredible interview with the son of a Hamas official:

I love a few of his comments near the end of the interview:

INTERVIEWER: Aren't you terrified that somebody is going to try to kill you for saying these things — which would be approved of according to parts of the Koran?

MOSAB HASSAN YOUSEF: They got to kill my ideas first, (and) that's it, they're already out. So how are they going to kill my idea? How are they going to kill the opinions that I have? ... They can kill my body, but they can't kill my soul.

INTERVIEWER: You're not afraid?

MOSAB HASSAN YOUSEF: As a human, you know, I can be very brave now, I'm not thinking about it at this moment and I feel that God is on my side. But if this will be the challenge, I ask God to give me enough strength... I love Jesus, I followed him for many years now. It wasn't a secret for most of the time, and this time I just did it to glorify the name of God and praise him.

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Anonymous said...

Wow...praise the Lord. I loved watching this video. Sure did inspire me.
I will pray for this young man!

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