Herding Cats in the time God Gives...

Yikes! My growing task list and workload (just under 200 tasks/projects in the mix right now) has me feeling somewhere between cat herder, stable boy, and rodeo clown.

I recently read an article on time-management and personal-productivity which said: "Productivity Principle #3 - When you complete your work for the day, just go home... don't stay at the office if there is nothing left to do." I laughed and chuckled for about 30 seconds... before I realized that it wasn't a joke.

Knowing that the baby will be coming any day now and that my tasks and emails are going to keep piling up has got me feeling a little anxiety, but as I was doing a little Bible reading tonight, I was reminded that God gives each of us exactly enough time to do the things He has prepared for us each day (Ephesians 2:10). I never have to worry that I won't have the time to do what God wants me to do. In fact, as I read Ephesians 2:10 I noticed something that I hadn't really thought of before. God is already at work preparing things for me.

Tonight before crawling into bed I'm going to pack my lunch, set out my work clothes, and write up my Top 3 to-do list for tomorrow. By preparing those things ahead of time I'm more likely to get a good start on my morning and hopefully it will be a productive day. In the same way, God is preparing good works- working through the logistics, the timing, the necessary resources- so that all I need to do is wake up and walk in the path He has laid out for me. When I put it that way, it almost sounds easy. That's what preparation does; it takes half the work out of the project.

I like the way one Cat-herder says it in the following clip "It ain't an easy job... not everyone can do what we do, but I wouldn't do nothing else."

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Anonymous said...

Excellent thoughts kids-
Where do you find all those great video clips?????
This one was so funny! There are days that Dad and I feel the same way, but we just try to remain open to little "side trips" that the Lord takes us on...and do the "important" stuff, not always the "urgent"...
We love you...

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