Fun with the Fam...


ErinL said...

Elijah ranks very high on the "Cutest babies I've ever seen list"! My goodness he is precious!

Megan said...

What sweet boys you have! Bet Grandpa and Grandma are having a BALL. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross and Taya, it's Jody here...Diane Salamandyk's daughter. Lanie got me on to this site. Just wanted to say hi, and that your site is an incredible blessing. I appreciate what you do, and have been keeping you in prayer. Love to see how you've all grown up. Thought it was high time I dropped you a line. Would love to connect with you some day!

Anyhow, God bless you all, and bless you for raising your boys with such passion and committment for the Lord.


Anonymous said...

What a precious time with you, our precious ones!
We love you with every breath....our family means everything to us.

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