Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

The first week of Elijah's life has flown by, but we've had a blast as a family of four. Ross was able to take a week away from the office and the past several days have included lots of play time for the big boys in the house (fun trips to the library, working on projects, wrestling, riding a bike, and playing with Daddy's Lego's from when he was a little boy). Ross and Isaiah are best buds and they have crammed a ton of memories into these past few days.

Our snugglebug Elijah has been such a sweet little baby. Each of us have been taking turns cuddling, singing, rocking, snuggling, napping, and pretty much just being in awe of this little miracle God gave us.


the story of my life... said...

AWESOME!! Just plain awesome!!

Anonymous said...

That was so wonderful to see more pictures of our sweet family! =)
We miss you and can't wait to kiss you and hug you and hug you again!
Love Mom and Dad (Nana and Papa) XXXXOOOO

Megan said...

Special times. What darling boys you have!

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