Our favorite song lately has been from Hillsong called “Stronger.”  The Bible says that God spoke to a man named Paul, after Paul had pleaded with God to take some of the pain and hardship away from his life.  God's reply was as counter-cultural then as it is today.  God said: “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9).  Paul's response could be categorized as counter-cultural as well, because he chose to put his faith in God instead of his circumstances.  It's good to evaluate the things you put your trust in from time to time.  You check your tire pressure before leaving on a long road trip.  You double-check the lock on the door before you go to bed.  But when you find yourself in the middle of hard times you need to know that there is something more reliable than air pressure or a deadbolt.  Taya and I want you to know... whatever you face today, Jesus is stronger.  
"Ready for some good news?

Jesus Christ is stronger!

Stronger than my fears about the future or my shame over a past that cannot be altered though I wish so much I could do some things differently.

Stronger than my tired prayers with well-worn phrases and weary pleas.

Stronger than my need to know now, and have the trial terminated.

Stronger than the enemy of my soul who would discourage me with my own failings and disillusion me with the faults of others.

Such a simple truth—Jesus Christ is Stronger. ‘Stronger than what,’ you ask?
Stronger than whatever would cause you doubt or discouragement today.”
~James McDonald, “Jesus Christ is Stronger”


Ross and Taya said...

Don't you think that this is just a tiny glimpse into what heaven will be like someday? Can't wait!!! =)

Cindy said...

What blessing in my day. Thanks. Love you all!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Jesus' name is STRONGER than anything we are struggling with today. Our hope is in YOU Lord!
Oh, it overwhelms me...when I think about His Grace...His mercy, His forgiveness from our past...His love and guidance for our future! His is ALL that we need. Thank you so much for posting this today, kids. It lifted my heart right to His arms and gave me a sense of peace and hope. I am encouraged =)
We love you to the moon!

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