Someone to read books with!


Taya, Nana, Papa said...

Taya says...its funny how he says. He's tryin to peck me!
Nana says...That is just nice to have brothers (or sisters) to share life with!
Papa says...I love my boys.

Tamara said...

that's so cute! i'll have to try to get video of davey patting samantha's head so you can see it. i can't wait to see elijah and sam together! :)

Les Hon said...

SOOOOOO cute how Isaiah holds Elijah's hand!!! So sweet how he reads to his little brudder!

I just love it that we get to see these sweet things thru the wonder of the internet. What a treat!

Megan said...

I agree - the hand-holding is so sweet. What a good brother! The book Isaiah had reminds me of one Sean had at about that age; it was his FAVORITE, and he had it all memorized. I remember going in for Sean's 3 year physical and the doc asked him what his middle name was. Sean had no idea, but I wasn't worried, because he could've easily described a skid steer and articulated dump truck, thanks to the heavy equipment book!

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