Laughter, Leaves, and lots of Thanks...

We've enjoyed a fun couple of days as a family- celebrating Thanksgiving, enjoying the falling leaves outside and getting ready for Christmas.  Here are a few of the highlights from our Thanksgiving:
  • Ruining two pie crusts, even though the recipes is called "Never-Fail pie crust."
  • Running out of flour on the second attempt at pie crust (which was okay because we needed it to make the dinner rolls).
  • Realizing that I grabbed the wrong kind of flour from the grocery store, driving back to exchange it only to realize that they have now closed.
  • Buying missing ingredients for pie crust and dinner rolls from the local Gas Station.
  • Getting half way through a new dinner rolls recipe only to realize that it's more of a "starter" type of dough and would take most of a day to make.  Adding the remaining bits of flour and a bunch of other random ingredients to make the most heavenly soft, sweet, buttery dinner rolls around.  
  • One child wet the bed at nap time, another had a hard time figuring out what nap time was.
  • Making the best turkey ever!!! It was absolutely delicious.
  • Talking with most of our family via speakerphone.
  • Watching Charlie Brown Christmas after Thanksgiving Dinner.
  • Enjoying a leisurely day at home (with balmy 65 degree weather)- playing with leaves, Legos, and our imaginations while everyone else is celebrating/dreading Black Friday.  We think we made the right choice... it was better than advertised.
  • Realizing that we have so much to be thankful for.  So many ways God has blessed us, so much God has spared us from, so much God has prepared for us.  For these days, for our family, and most of all for Jesus we are full of thanks.


Cindy said...

Looks and sounds like a perfect day...except maybe for the rolls! Isaiah, I love your new red jacket! It was so fun to talk with you. Love you all!

Julia DesCarpentrie said...

Did Winnie the Pooh faint from the snazzy camo undies? Too cute! I admire your perseverance with the dinner- I would have scrapped the dinner rolls :)

one blessed mama said...

kuddos to you for even attempting to MAKE the rolls...but you know me..COSTCO BABY!!!! they sell a bag of 24 of them for like 3 bucks. just heads up for next year!! :)
isaiah, it was SO cool to talk to you!!! i can hardly wait to hang out with you in a few weeks.
love,love,love you guys!!

elijah....i love the shirt on you! :)

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