Two months grows too fast...

Elijah just had his 2 month check up.  He's growing so fast; we just can't believe our boy is already 2 months old.  This has gone by faster than we could imagine.  After melting the nurses hearts and hearing the doctor say he's "100% perfect" and incredibly "good natured" they finally gave us some real medical statistics:Weight: 
11 lbs. 5 oz. (55%)
Length: 23 ½ in. (83%)
Head Circumference: 15 ½ (46%)

We do agree with the doctor that he is a sweet, pleasant, easy-going baby.  Here are a few other things we've noticed:
  • Recently started to rub his eyes- he's kind of sleepy just like daddy and brother!  Elijah loves to sleep and he's pretty much sleeping through the night (last feeding is at 10pm and this morning woke up at 6:30am).
  • He gives big beautiful smiles during and after his feedings- this kid is happy!
  • He likes kisses- who doesn't?!?
  • He is seems to be much more aware of his surroundings and makes great eye contact with us and he LOVES to watch Isaiah playing and running.  He loves the sound of Isaiah's voice and he is constantly giving him a big toothless grin.
  • He loves it when we talk to him and has started to coo back at us.  We used to think we wouldn't talk baby-talk to our kids, but now we sound like a mix between Charlie Brown's teacher, Elmo, and Mr. Rogers.   He shows off his tongue and seems to think that sticking your tongue out is a sign of affection.  
  • He is very strong and has good neck control.
  • Wears 0-3 months clothes.
  • His eyes look like they're going to be dark brown.
  • He has brown hair in the shade and it has a definite red hue in natural light.  Ever since he was born he's had a mullet that would make most native Arakansan's jealous, and we just gave him his first trim today- some of the clippings were an inch and a half.
These past two months have been a delight and we are so thankful for both of our boys.  God gives good gifts.  We are so thankful for our incredible boys.


Anonymous said...

He is precious...just perfect. And growing so fast! Love, Aunty Cher

Emily said...

He's so beautiful!!! Can't wait to do his pictures!!! =) Happy Thanksgiving! So much to be thankful for.

Megan said...

You can just tell from Elijah's pics what a sweet nature he has. Bet it's fun to watch your boys interact (if Isaiah is anything like my kids, they LOVED to have an audience!).

Anonymous said...

These pictures melt our hearts! What a perfect, precious, priceless gift from God! We love you all!

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