Don't blink...

Here's what happens when you cram 365 days into 40 seconds: 

One year in 40 seconds from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.

There were moments last year that felt like life was flying by at a similar rate of speed. 

As much as we can help it, we would like this year to be a little different. Our only real New Year's resolution for this year is to be more intentional, so that when we get to next December 31 we aren't asking "where did the time go?" and instead we are saying, "look how we used the time!" Our goal is to live a little more in line with our Family Mission Statement of: 
Surrender our Entire lives to God. Go wherever He leads us. Let love, compassion and encouragement be a hallmark of our lives. Seek God’s Kingdom in everything and be used by Him as history-makers around the world.
*It all starts with surrender.
As we weigh how to use each hour, each day, and each opportunity God gives us, we're going to try asking a few clarifying questions:
  • Does this line up with our mission?  
  • Are we forcing this, or are we holding it with open hands? 
  • Will it be an encouragement to others?  
  • Will it show compassion to those in need?
  • Does it line up with our gifts, talents, passion, and God-given dreams?
When we get to the end of 2009 a video-recap of our year may still feel like a 40-second blur of activity, but hopefully we'll have pointed the camera in the right direction, remembered to remove the lens cap, and captured some history-making moments.  

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Dave and Debbie Black said...

Wow...and that sometimes how quickly it feels like it is going. Thanks for the reminder...stop and smell the coffee, do today what God wants us to do and love like there is no tomorrow!

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