Elijah at 4 months...

Well... we blinked and all of a sudden Elijah is 4 months old. He just went to the doctor for his 4 month check-up and here are the stats:
  • Weight:13 lbs. 10 oz. (25th%)
  • Length:16 ½ in. (55th%)
  • Head: 16 ½ in. (40th%) 

  • We have already had to trim his hair twice
  • Grabbing & batting at toys
  • He likes to hold a rattle even though it startles him when it makes noise
  • Wears 3-6 month clothes
  • Can prop himself up with his elbows
  • He is strong (just like Daddy and Isaiah) and he loves to stand up with little help from us.
  • Starting to move himself around on a blanket and in the crib
  • He sleeps (and lets us sleep)!  His last feeding is at 8:30 p.m. & sleeps till 7am
  • Loves his mobile and has had many long conversations with it
  • Responds back when we talk to him
  • Has discovered his hands and are fascinated with them. Always wants them in his mouth
  • He has started drooling, so now we get wet kisses!
  • Very snuggly & loves to be held close (we love it!) - we wish we could hold and kiss him all day long!
  • Loves to smile and has the sweetest little giggles
  • Elijah is such a happy, content baby.  He brings so much joy to our lives and we treasure each moment with him as a gift from God.  


Anonymous said...

What sweet, sweet pictures. Elijah looks and sounds like he's a joy. Keep enjoying!

Anonymous said...

Awe, how precious. He is living up to his middle name. Love Grandpa H

Mark and Kels said...

What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

sweet. sweet. sweet.
give him 4 month birthday love from us!

The Kingsborough Queen said...

what a little love!! that has gone by so quickly. so glad you have gotten to enjoy every minute of him!

The McBs said...

Love your boyz...they are so cute. KG is jealous of the hair!

Anonymous said...

How absolutely adorable! I posted a comment the other day when these first came and I see it did not make it on here yet! Our precious Elijah is so perfect. What a quick, priceless smile. He warms our hearts!
We love you, Elijah! Forever, Nana and Papa

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