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This observation by David Wilson shocked me:

Wonder Why Our Teens Have A Twisted View of Sex?

Check out some of the lyrics from music nominees for Nickelodeon’s 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards (it's not too late to cast your vote!):

Beyonce-Just the thought of making love to you... whatever I get you putting it on, now take it off while I watch you perform.” (Suga Mama)

Chris Brown-That's it baby girl, put it on my zipper... back seat action, sun roof for deuce.” (Gimme Whatcha Got)

Alicia Keys- “So maybe we can go to first base because I feel you, second base I want you to feel me too.” (Teenage Love Affair)

Jesse McCartney- “We be gettin' undressed... Spend the night with me and I’ll rock you.” (Rock You)

Katy Perry-I kissed a girl just to try it. I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it. It felt so wrong, it felt so right...” (I Kissed a Girl)

Pussycat Dolls-I can get off when you ain’t around.” (I Don’t Need a Man)

Rihanna- “What you got up in them jeans? Put it on me, or get lonely.” (Lemme Get That)

Cause and effect, people. Cause and effect. By the way, Nickelodeon's audience is 10-14 year old kids (and these are the choices being offered to them).    ~By David Wilson

Are you surprised that these are the options for 10-14 year old children?  What do you think the solution is?  

I like Mark Driscoll's suggestion:
"Christians need to get upstream to have the influence to change what the culture is made of. What I mean by this is, culture is like a river, and most Christians are a downstream bunch who tend to complain about the junk that flows down to them on TV, movies, etc... To change things we need to stop just fishing junk out of the river of culture and get upstream where all the junk is being thrown in and sent downstream to the masses. The key is to get wise Christians upstream running record labels, TV Stations, and other places to be a force for good, like Joseph and Daniel."
If you're interested in getting out of your comfort zone, refusing to live in a bubble, and engaging culture for good and for God, check out Mark's book, Radical Reformission.  You'll be equipped to do more than just fish junk out of the culture stream and it may even give you hope that someday Nickelodeon will give our kids something worth voting for.

HT: David Wilson @ It's Like Herding Cats

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