Weekend Update...

For those who come here for updates on our ministry with FamilyLife stay tuned for a glimpse into the exciting things we worked on this past week.

For those who come here for updates on the kiddos, here are a few photos that tell the rest of the story from the "In Love" photo shoot...

Elijah peed on Mommy part way through, but the great photos were worth it!

Isaiah absolutely LOVED this bran muffin that was turned into a beaver with the help of 3 almond slivers and 3 chocolate chips but...  

...he also got a nasty "bonk" on his eye while he was playing on the bed.  It gave us a big scare, but it looks like he'll be alright when the swelling goes down.  He's still smiling!

This week Elijah has also been thoroughly enjoying solid foods, including this combination of squash and rice cereal.  YUMMY!?!

This week showed some good progress on the video-conference (vCON) project that Ross has been working on.  We're still in the demo/pilot stages, but we've filmed some great footage so far and we believe we're getting better at capturing life-changing content on film.  Here are a few "insider" shots of our recent work.  

Lastly, for those who may visit our site for an inspirational quote, here are two that have encouraged and challenged us this past week: 

"A great tree will fall with many small chops. Pray for daily grace to keep chopping." ~John Piper

"God takes full responsibility for the life fully devoted to him." ~Andy Stanley

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