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I don't think this is what Jesus had in mind...

Do you ever feel like it's too _(fill in the blank)_ to be a person who shares their faith others?

I'm pretty good at finding words to fill in that blank: intimidating, time-consuming, scary, not-my-personality, not-my-responsibility, etc.

In addition to nervousness or passivity, I think it's often the fear of the unknown that stops us from asking others about their spiritual life and sharing with them an opportunity to have a relationship with Jesus. Like a good boy scout we feel we should to be ready for every circumstance, know every answer, and have not even a hint of fear when sharing the truth of Jesus with others.

Where on earth did we get that idea?

Here's what Jesus said:

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” At once they left their nets and followed him. ~Matthew 4:19-20

When Jesus called the first two disciples (uneducated fishermen who were learning the family business), he didn't tell them "I want you to start holding open air rallies, teaching courses on apologetics, doing altar-calls, developing church-planting ministries, teaching seminary-level courses on eschatology, etc."  He simply asked them to follow him and walk in his path. The equation was simple:

1. You follow me,

2. I will make you a fisher of men.

These two fishermen stopped what they were doing and immediately followed him... No excuses.  Jesus didn't demand that they had their act completely together. He didn't demand that they had a game plan for reaching the world, He simply demanded that they be willing to follow him.

Would you stop worrying about what you will make of yourself, would you stop worrying about what others will think of you, and would you even stop worrying about what Jesus will make of you, and just start following Him?

Now this is more like it...

By the way, if you recognized the Twitter logo above, you may be one of the millions who have already joined in the phenomenon that is Twitter.  We've joined too!  We would love to have you follow us on Twitter- but most of all we would love for you to follow Jesus (for real, not on Twitter).  You can visit our Twitter page at:    And if you want to know more about the journey of following Jesus you can contact us through the comments or visit the Knowing God Personally site.  

Don't worry about having it all figured out.  Just put one foot in front of the other and start following.

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