Future Fire Chief...

On Saturday we took Isaiah to go meet the heroes who work down the street from our house. We had been planning to take him on a tour of a nearby fire station for his birthday and it turned out that this was the best time to do it (a couple of weeks early). 

You would have thought we took him to Disneyland.

The firemen and the captain all loved Isaiah's look of awe and wonder as he toured the station and explored fire trucks (a pumper and a ladder truck). We had fun visiting with the firemen, getting a glimpse into their daily life, and thanking them for being willing to put their life on the line several times a day every single day for the safety of others. 

Isaiah got to sit in the trucks, honk the horn and activate the sirens, and play with the hoses and nozzles.  Part way through the tour he looked up at us with a huge smile and said, "This is so cool!" Seeing him enjoy it brought so much joy to us. 

We completed the family date with lunch at Firehouse subs (where Isaiah looked more in uniform than the rest of the staff) and we spent the rest of the weekend talking about how much fun we had.


Dave/Deb Mom/Dad Nana/Papa said...

Memories!...Priceless! So happy that you had that wonderful day darling Isaiah. Elijah you look so adorable in that fire hat too, sweetheart. We love you to the moon and stars. Love Nana and Papa xxxooo

Emily said...

What a fun day!!! Thanks for sharing the story and the pictures.

Mark and Kels said...

What a precious day as a family! I love it. The pictures are adorable. Looks like Isaiah was in heaven. And Taya- I love the short hair :). Super cute!

one blessed mama said...

very, very cool day!! isaiah looks like he's having a blast...elijah on the other hand....:)!
what great memories for our dear isaiah. plus, think of all the money you saved taking him down the street instead of Disneyland. :)
oh, how we miss all 4 of you!!!
love you much!!

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