Not to be a name-dropper, but... it just dawned on me over the course of three days I was at a conference where I heard from Andy Stanley, Craig Groeschel, Matt Chandler, and Pete Briscoe, then enjoyed another conference with Rick Warren, and then at work I had the opportunity to interact with Dennis Rainey, Robert Lewis, and Al Mohler.

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Sometimes I have to remind myself what a privilege it is to hear from and visit with these mighty men of God. They are best-selling authors, sought-after speakers, leaders of large organizations/churches/ministries, all-around influential men.

However, in the midst of being around all of these "famous Christians" last week the conversation that stands out the most was with a taxi-driver named Michale who fled from his home country of Eritrea a few years ago because he is a believer in Jesus Christ.

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Michale is a hero to me. Michale would not renounce his faith in Jesus, so he and a few family members chose to make a daring escape from the country. I've heard a few stories about the persecution Eritrean believers are facing, but to meet someone who has lived through it was incredible.

Michale told me "it is because of the name of Jesus that we faced death, but it is because of the name of Jesus that we live and have hope."

People may come from miles around to hear you speak, your name may be on the cover of a best-selling book, or maybe like Michale the only significant place your name shows up is on your taxi driver ID... In the end, there is only one name that matters.

Now it's your turn to be a name-dropper in the comments:
1. Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
2. If you could hang out with one "celebrity" today, who would it be?
3. How could you be a "name-dropper" for Jesus today?

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Micah Gelatt said...

1.) I have met Dennis Rodman, Tom Selleck, Senator Fred Thompson, Senator Sam Brownback, Mark Farner (former lead singer of Grand Funk Railroad).
2.) I would hang out with Johnny Cash, if he were still alive.
3.)In America it is tricky because we lack the persecution other nations face. So, in our country there is a lot of complacency, and "lying down in the grass." The best way I know to name drop for God is to live life in such a fashion (by deed and by word) that His glory is preminent over all other pursuits and things.

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