We can't help but smile when we look at these little guys! How much brighter and happier our lives are with them around...

We saw an interesting health report on a while ago, talking about how the stress over the economy and the various pressures people are facing has made people grumpier and more unhealthy.

Here's one of the "tips" they offered:
Laugh. "It's been shown to boost the immune system," says Snowden McFall, author of Fired Up. Toddlers laugh several hundred times a day, but the average adult laughs just four times, she adds.
Between the funny things Isaiah says and does, and the cute smiles we constantly receive from Elijah, our family is full of laughter, giggles and smiles. We hope yours is too!

"All the statistics in the world can't measure the warmth of a smile." ~Chris Hart

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