Parenting Advice Please...

We recently heard someone talking about being a parent and one thing they said really resonated with us:

"I want to prepare my children for a lifetime of service to God."

We named our boys after mighty men of God. Both of these men in the bible lived lives devoted to God. They saw God work and heard Him speak in incredible ways. That is our prayer for our kids- lives devoted to Him, watching Him at work and responding to His voice.

We've become increasingly aware that as parents, we're called to not only care for our kids, teach them, train them, show love to them, and protect them, but we've also got to demonstrate what it looks like to give the whole of our lives to God.

We've got so much to learn. That's why we want to hear from you...

What is your favorite parenting quote, your best parenting advice, your favorite memory as a parent, or the one thing you really hope for your kids (or grandkids or future children)?

Don't be a stranger now, let us hear it in the comments below! We'll choose one random comment from this blog and one from Facebook and the winners will each receive their choice of resource(s) up to $30 from If you've got more than one piece of advice/quote/memory, be sure to leave multiple comments to increase your chances to win!

By the way, here's one more parenting quote that has also resonated with with us recently:

"Raising a toddler is like running the blender without the lid on." -Seinfeld


one blessed mama said...

pick your battles. :)

one blessed mama said...


ross, this quote came from you. we have it on a post-it note on our fridge. i look at it every morning while making my coffee. it puts my sometimes (always) crazy days, back in perspective. thanks for sharing it.

one blessed mama said...

and the most important parenting advice we have is love these dear children with all we have and teach them that NOTHING in this life is more important than living for Jesus.
pray, pray PRAY for them.
God promises that if we teach them when they are young, the truths will be written into their hearts.
our best advice, pray and trust that God is always on step ahead, carrying them thru their little lifes.
God is good. God is gracious. for thank i am eternally grateful.
how are you guys???
we miss you. sorry, we've been a little out of touch, let's chat soon.
love and miss you all.
trac- :)

Ross and Taya said...

Alright Traci, you win the $30 shopping spree at !!! David Devault was the winner from Facebook.

Just go ahead and pick what item/items you would like that total around $30 and we'll get them ordered and delivered to you.

Thanks for the great advice and thanks for modeling it for us too. We love you guys,

ross and taya

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